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Lumina- Starburst Chain Lights - Plug In | Silver


Starburst Chain Lights - Plug In | Silver

Starburst Chain Lights: Illuminate Your Space with Radiant Elegance!

Discover the enchanting Starburst Chain Lights, a dazzling addition to your decor that brings a celestial touch to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Available in two captivating colours—Copper and Silver

Key Features:

  • Colour Choices: Copper and Silver:

    • Tailor the ambiance to your preference by choosing from three elegant colours—Copper and Silver each lending its unique charm to your space.
  • Plug In Operated:

    • This light boasts a total length of 6m, an illuminated length of 3m, and 16 ornaments of 7cm diameter. Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, these lights promise to transform your space with their celestial charm.

Illuminate Your World:

Whether creating a captivating ambiance indoors or enhancing your outdoor space with celestial radiance, the Starburst Chain Lights are designed to make a statement. Elevate your decor with the mesmerizing glow and elegant design, setting the stage for enchantment and allure. Choose your preferred colour and power option to embark on a journey of illuminated elegance!

Style  SC240S

Lumina- Starburst Chain Lights - Plug In | Silver



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